Today Rima finds no difference between five-star hotels and way side street-food stalls, except the luxuriously extravagant treatment provided by star restaurants. But her perception was just the opposite two months back when a humorous (yet thought-provoking) story unveiled before her prejudice.

Having waited patiently for nearly an hour at the BIGhotel, Rima was still calm and content because she knew that she was going to devour that painstakingly cooked food, with her kith and kin. However, the freshly cooked chow will make sure her time well spent. Though her stomach began to make disturbing cries, she pacified it in regard of the going-to-be-served food.

“Why does it always take so long at these ‘life-sized’ restaurants?”

Rima’s brother Ronak asked in utter exhaustion.

“Dear, they cook food only after the order is given. At low-class eateries, they serve it instantly because it is all cooked beforehand. Don’t panic now. Dinner is going to be worth your time.”

Rima calmed him down.

“There! Finally it comes!”

Rima’s mom and dad exclaimed together.

“Thank god!”

Ronak loosened up.

Feasting on that delicious fare, listening to evergreen music on an aesthetically decorated table, in an impressively lit space was indeed a refreshing experience for Rima and family. Who cares to google ‘budget restaurants’? The higgledy-piggledy ones!

She was exceedingly pleased while paying the bill and returning home after dining from the royal BIGhotel.

Monday morning Rima’s telephone rang. It was Uma, her kindred spirit.

“Hey, good morning Rima”

“Very good morning, I was about to call you. Party is at, right?”

“No, there is a change and that’s why I called you so early. I had invited my cousin brother Narain to the party. I must have told you about him – the one who works at the BIGhotel. He can’t make it as early as since he had night-shift last night. The party is pushed back to”

“Oh! It is perfectly all right. I will get there”

“Thank god! Knowing your working hours i doubted that you will hesitate to come. Thank you so much Rima. This change in timing was unexpected. It is so funny at the BIGhotel. You know what they make these guys do?”

“What? BIGhotel is one of the most reputed restaurants here”

“Ha-ha! Very much! Narain was telling me they serve stale food. Yuck! And, though the food is ready to be served, the managers keep these guys waiting for almost an hour to misguide their customers (read : waiter boys are kept ‘waiting’  in restaurant kitchens by managers to fake cookery time) – poor ones, who think  this long-awaited food is just-made and intact. Ha-ha”

“Isn’t that funny, Rima? Hello! You there? Hello!