Finally, it’s over after three months of peaceful waiting. Horrifying dates of big examinations have slowly passed by.

It was just like any other day for me. I Landed the mobbed garden city past 8 pm. Highly illuminated, boisterous and peppy ; the city looked very strange to me. I knew it was quite far from what i was. Still i managed to keep up a satisfactory smile on my not-that-pleasant face. Since the one who had promised to pick me from the bus stand got stuck in traffic, i got some precious time to talk to myself. I began to accept every exotic element of the city. People, as busy as ants moved with haste in front of me. I remained still, utterly idiotic.”Lonely i’m so lonely i have nobody to call my own”- my cell rang complementing the situation in which i was.

I walked to Shantinagar bus stand and got into the car in which i met Exxo, my family friend. But it was the first time i ever saw him.He had all the qualities of a Bangalorite. Partying, DJying, Hang-outs, fast food, aerobics all filled Living-for-the-moment boy. I liked him though. With all the pride of being 1990 born, i looked down at the 1992 born freak. Kiddo!

“Do paneer dosa”

Exxo ordered at a crowded food stand tucked back in a street. Far from the glamorous set ups of fancy restaurants, these food stalls doesn’t take more than five minutes to whip up your order that comes in a paper plate. After feasting upon that salivating street food, i sank back into the car seat, free from strife.

I climbed the stairs of the sans-elevator-four-storyed building with declining zest. On reaching the flat, all i wanted was a peaceful sleep. Soon after making me comfortable in the flat, Exxo hurried to the night’s most hyped David Guetta Show, bidding me good night.


I read the huge board before entering the mammoth college premises. Both colorful and vibrant, the college was one-of-a-kind. Empty stalls of the previous day’s cultural activities welcomed me.



The basketball coach instructed sporty boys aligned in a row parallel to him. i learned that nothing on earth could arrest the attention of these boys during their training. I don’t mean to say i was attractive. But all the other tantalizingly accentuated girls around me could have been.

Tick ! Tick !

Two hours passed as easily as that.


“It was okay !”

“It was all right”

“It was not bad”

“I was bad at time management”

I hoped that my varied replies satisfied all my dear ones. In fact i still fail to comprehend how the entrance exam was,All i knew was that i had to push myself to the present, transcending the horrifying experience of examinations.

“Panguuu !!!”

Menon screamed in excitement seeing me. A million memories flashed through my mind. I wept silently giving my friend a warm hug. Exquisite memories of togetherness glimmered in my thoughts.I spent several priceless hours with her. Every single moment with her was filled with  love and joy.When the time for departure arrived, i bid her adieu and left to the bus stand with exxo.

‘Pey pey’ ‘pey pey’

New text message from Menon.

“Pangu…frndship which has a strong bonding, wl always last 4 ever. ourz is 1 such. dats y v meet frquently…. love u pangu. b happy dnt go into spirituality… 😛 :* “